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And so it begins

First it must be said that I have an amazing support team.  When I decided to take this journey it was not shocking to most for I have talked about it for years now.  I thought when I told all my friends and family, hey I want to start my own boutique most would think I was crazy!  Surprisingly, everyone was super supportive and encouraging.  Once I really decided to take the plunge I had to figure out how I was going to tell my husband!  How do I say, hey honey remember all that talk about starting my own boutique and living the life of my dreams....well I want to do it and do it starting now?  So I prepped my speech a million times, I did a fair amount of research because I knew he would be ready to spit out a bunch of question that any serious business owner would know.  Let's just say he's tough, I felt like I was in a job interview and I found myself saying "I don't know, I will get back with you on that" a bunch.  Oh great I thought, I've failed if I can't even sell this to the one that loves me the most I'm a complete failure!  But,  after my failure of a conversation he said okay!  I thought to myself you've got to be kidding me I totally bombed that interview and I get an okay!  My husband saw the passion most importantly even though I didn't have everything figured out and that alone gave me the green light.

So fast forward well like...a week (what can I say I'm impatient and like to move fast) I started filing for my licenses and LLC and contacting wholesalers.  Let's get this going, I just want to buy buy buy!  I did promise my husband however that I wouldn't spend out life savings in inventory in the first week.  So I took my time (about a day) to narrow down the first purchase.  Just a few items to get started with something I would love to wear myself.  Pieces that would look beautiful on anyone and inspire women to see their outer beauty to match their inner.  Click and it was done, I had made my very first purchase for my future.  Okay....where is it, I want it to arrive tomorrow!  I did say I'm impatient right.  The anticipation was killing me for the week that it took. I started talking about the arrivals to come getting all my friends and family just as excited to see the arrivals.  It finally arrived and I felt like a kid at Christmas opening the best gift!  All of the items were exactly what I imagined and staging my first sell was already on my mind. I hope this feeling never goes away the excitement, thrill, enjoyment and over all happiness of bringing those same feelings to each and everyone of my customers!