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Wow It's been a year already

Wow!  I can't believe the boutique is been open over a year now.  What a wild ride it has been.  Finding balance has been the biggest obstacle.  Balancing the boutique, a full time job, parenting a almost 2 year old and being a wife.  I wouldn't change a thing however, this new career choice has been so rewarding.  Between meeting new amazing people and helping women find their beauty in their skin has been the best part. Life gives us obstacles but it is how we choose to navigate through them is what defines us.  I've always believed that God doesn't give us anything that we cannot handle it's using our faith and strength in him to conquer those battles. 

So the mobile boutique has been on the road a year in July and it's been a crazy adventure.  I'm slowly learning to pull her and I haven't hit anything yet!  I still get nervous pulling into an event wondering if I can park her correctly but each and every event gets me a little more skilled or confident. Each trip is a new adventure and I am just loving every bit of it.

I look forward to this Summer/Fall and meeting more of you dolls!